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video engagement is arguably one of the most important metrics for marketing videos, because it measures the impact that the videos have. More engaging marketing videos that have a bigger impact are invariably able to reach more viewers, get shared more, illicit reactions, and help produce more conversions.

Considering the crucial role of video engagement, it is important that you understand the factors that affect it. In particular, there are four key factors that you need to be aware of:

#1. Video Length.

The length of a video can affect its engagement because it has a part to play in the video’s ability to retain viewers. Longer videos often lose viewers over time, and are able to engage less of them.

It should be noted that while video length does affect audience retention, other factors have a part to play well. The optimal length for videos can vary based on factors such as the platform it is published on, the type of video, topic, and target audience.

#2. Hook.

Many viewers are ever-willing to start watching a video, but will quickly decide whether or not to continue watching within the first few seconds. As a result, there is often a steep drop off in the number of viewers around the 8 to 10-second mark.

It is because of that drop off that the hook is an integral factor. A strong hook that entices and interests viewers to keep watching will boost engagement levels significantly.


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#3. Visuals.

As you may have heard videos are by far the most engaging type of content – and there is a simple reason for that: Visuals. People are able to digest and absorb visual information more easily, and it tends to leave a more lasting impression. Needless to say no other type of content has the unique visual appeal of videos.

In short videos that take advantage of the medium’s visual potential are better able to engage viewers.

#4. Emotions.

For videos to truly engage viewers and attract tons of reactions and shares, they need to trigger an emotional reaction. The exact nature of the emotion that they trigger doesn’t matter as much as its intensity, which is why it could be funny, outrageous, inspiring, shocking, or even scary.

Marketing videos tend to use lots of different methods to try to trigger emotional reactions, but storytelling is definitely one of the more popular options.

Keep in mind that quality is definitely a factor as well, which is why it is important that produce videos that really are impressive. For example if you use an Animation Video Editor as a Animation Studio, you can Create Stunning Animated Explainer Videos In Any Language and niche In Minutes.

Now that you’re aware of the factors that affect video engagement, you can use them to your advantage. Overall that should let you create more engaging marketing videos that have a bigger impact and are able to fulfill their goals more effectively.

I hope you gained some insight or value from this post, if you did – please drop a comment below lets have a conversation.

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