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Creating effective Facebook ads is a skill that all entrepreneurs eventually need to learn. The truth is, creating great Facebook ads isn’t as easy as you’d think. Before you create your next Facebook campaign, take a look at these awesome Facebook ad examples we’ve gathered for you, and learn from them.

#1: Amazon’s Event Ad.

A sample product is clearly displayed, the ad shows an impressive (but honest) rating of that product, and you know which event Amazon is promoting right away — Black Friday.

Here are some reasons why this Amazon Event Ad is awesome;

  • Good Visual: Not only is this image larger than the right column ad display, but it also uses warm colors, white space, and directional lines, which will definitely draw the reader’s eye towards the featured product.
  • Relevance: The Ad is relevant to not just the users of the featured product,but Online shoppers in general, especially those longing for a discount sale.  
  • It includes an enticing value proposition: Amazon has advertised a self-cleaning litter box here, which is of tremendous value for any cat owner. Additionally, it shared the strong customer ratings below an image of the product.
  • It has a clear call-to-action: It tells readers to SHOP NOW for the featured product, after which point the deal for the litter box will presumably disappear. “Now” is a strong CTA language that compels clicks.

#2 Boston Sports Clubs’ Ad.

All the readers really need to see is the boxer pictured above to know what this ad is offering. The woman in the photo even looks like she’s staring at the text to her left, which diverts the reader’s view to the promotion offer.

This offer Ad makes it obvious what customers would be signing up for when they click the “Sign Up” button below the picture.

Here are lessons to be learned from this Ad;

  • Good visual Content: The featured photo uses bold colors and clear typography to draw readers attention to the details of the offer, and the woman exercising gives an idea of what I could gain from purchasing the offer.
  • Relevance: It’s relevant for people living in Boston, with some interest in Fitness.
  • The offer is valuable. Paying $5 for a monthly gym membership is a great deal. Even though the price may increase in the future, the low price definitely makes me want to click.
  • It has a clear call-to-action. The CTA emphasizes that the discount offer is limited and should be claimed quickly using the word “hurry” and telling me when the offer expires.

#3 Allbirds Video Ad

This GIF Image Ad lasts for only nine seconds but demonstrates the product in a way that catches the reader’s attention and resonates with the individual wearer. Sometimes the best chance of making an Ad stand out on Facebook is by using subtle movements and details — like Allbirds did.

This Ad is awesome; here are some reasons;

  • Good visual: The video has a clear focus on a subject, and that subject is engaging in a movement that means something. The movement also tells viewer that they shoes is comfortable to wear.
  • Relevanance: The Ad is relevant to online shoppers, especially the young ones.
  • It’s valuable: The opening quote above the video is reason enough for readers to want to learn more about why these shoes are so comfortable. Allbirds also sweetens the deal with “free shipping,” “free returns,” and a note below the video that the product is “machine washable” — all without taking the focus away from the video itself.
  • Clear call-to-action: The button is well defined. Users have to Click on “SHOP NOW” to buy this shoe.

#4 Ad by 17hats.

This ad uses a hero shot with a happy young lady, creating positive emotions and helping their target audience relate to their offer.

Here are lessons to learnt from this Ad;

  • Starts with a question: Beginning your Facebook ad copy with a question that truly addresses your target audience is a good place to start. Research has shown that article titles ending with a question mark tend to have higher click-through rates than those ending with an exclamation mark or full stop.
  • Cut right to the problem: This Ad serves as a solution to Business owners who wish their business was a little less time consuming.

#5 Ad from 99designs 

This Ad minimizes doubt from readers by offering a money back guarantee.

Wow, this is another Awesome Ad; here are some lessons to be learnt;

  • They promised readers a money back guarantee: The guarantee reassures readers that 17hats is a reliable company. However, be careful when offering such guarantee. Offer only what you can afford.
  • They revealed their price: By doing this, they’ve made their Ad straightforward such that anyone clicking on the link is comfortable with the price.

#6 Ad from Get Response

The sky blue used on the image background is almost impossible to ignore.

Here are some reasons why this GetResponse Ad is awesome;

  • Simple Visual Content: You need to Take note of this; The clearer and simpler your ad design, the more eyes it will potentially draw. GetResponse used a captivating background, which didn’t distract users from the text on top of it.
  • Free Trial: GetResponse included a big motivation by telling readers to grab a Free trial account, valid for 30days.
  • Asking readers to take Action NOW: Words like now, today, in the next 24 hours contributes to the sense of urgency and nudge readers to take action without thinking it over too many times.

#7 Groupon Ad.

Like i’ve emphasized before, the trick to creating an urgency always works.

Here are some reasons why this Groupon Ad will awesome;

  • They Utilized urgency to their advantage – If you’ve ever missed a flight by 5 minutes, you’ll know the horrible feeling of losing. When confronted with a limited-time offer, people won’t think of the possible objections they’d consider otherwise.
  • They made the readers feel special – The main difference between a discount-for-all and discount-for-promo-code-owners is the sense of exclusivity. It says to readers that not everyone applies to the discount, only the exclusive club who knows the secret code, making the deal even more lucrative.

#8 Surface Ad

By mentioning the MacBook in their ad, they’ve taken advantage of their competitor’s fame.

Another Awesome Ad; Here are lessons to learnt;

  • They took Advantage of MacBook’s fame:  Studies have shown that our brains prefer recognizable brands. If your product is better than those of famous competitors, don’t be afraid to say so. However this only works when your products is truly are better than those of your biggest competitors.
  • Discount Offer: This could be the final nudge that people need to complete your desired action. Even better, if you add a time limit to your offer, making it more tempting to claim the offer.

#9 Unbounce

One remarkable selling point of this ad is the simplicity.

It’s a Really cool Ad; Here’s what makes it awesome;

  • Simplicity – As much as possible, try to make your Ad simple. You can make use of icons that are catchy and relatable.  
  • Promise a quick win – If there was an easy 5-step way to double down on leads, every marketer would jump on it. Although we all know that there are no such shortcuts, we still like to hear the promise of an effortless achievement.

#10 Marketo Ad

You probably know this by now but i’ll remind you. Lead Ads is a sure way of building an email list by exchanging information, product and services for phone number, email address etc.

Wow, this is another Awesome Ad; here are some lessons to be learnt;

  • Collect emails with Lead Ads – Just like Marketo, If your goal is to get more leads to your sales funnel, start a Facebook Lead Ads campaign. You can do this by offering a free guide, email course, webinar or other helpful materials.
  • Emphasize your call-to-action – Marketo emphasized on the Download three times: in the ad image, on the call-to-action button, and in the link description.

These Facebook Ads examples can be used as a guideline or a starting point when building your next Facebook ad, but ultimately you’ll need to experiment to find out what resonates with your specific offer and audience.

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